The 2017 Different Games @ GDC Ambassadors Program

The Different Games Collective is honored to announce that we have been chosen to participate in the 2017 Game Developers Conference (GDC) Scholars Program. We are delighted to share this opportunity with individuals, organizations and institutions that will help support Different Games Collective’s mission of fostering diversity and inclusivity in games and games culture.

About the Program

The DG @ GDC 2017 Ambassadors Program includes all-access passes to GDC, including talks and workshops, as well as one year of access to the GDC Vault. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to network with other members of the 2017 program, are invited to join us for a special event on the afternoon of Sunday Feb. 26th.

Our 2017 Ambassadors

Adrienne Shaw website

Adrienne is a professor at Temple U, author of Gaming at the Edge, co-editor of Queer Game Studies, founder of LGBTQ Game Archive

Dr. Alexandrina Agloro website

assistant professor. media artist. game maker. daughter. sister. treat handler for @_beauregard. romper aficionado. Futurist.

Arvind Raja Yadav website

Arvind is a Programmer, Game Designer and the owner of Pyrodactyl Games, a small indie game studio in Jaipur, India.

Austin Branion @austiniyaat website

Austin is a game design student and Arabic translator based in the DC area. His most persistent interests are Middle Eastern politics, Arabic language, social justice, and, of course, video games.

Bahiyya @breakinbahiyya

I'm 21. I have a thirsty heart and I create things and emotions.

Bonnie Ruberg @MyOwnVelouria website

Bonnie Ruberg is a postdoctoral scholar in Interactive Media & Games at USC and an incoming assistant professor in Informatics at UCI.

Carmen Marin aka Diana Moon-MediaPunker @dianamoon website

Bi, SF Native, Latina Gamer & Writer, pushing for more inclusion in the media!


Game Artist & Level Designer. Maker of Bold Claims. Cat cuddler. Autistic. built worlds for indie game Tangiers. They/Them

Christina Goefron website

Parsons DT/Game Design BFA Student from Queens, NY

Evan W. Lauteria website

Evan is a PhD student in Sociology at UC-Davis, co-editor of the book _Rated M for Mature_, and on's research team.

Gina Gonzalez-Roundey website

Second year transfer at WPI. A computer science major with the added perspective of going from a liberal arts degree to a polytechnic school. Focus on writing programs for social change.

Haru Ji website

Haru Ji is a media artist and a co-creator of the immersive ecosystem Artificial Nature, as an amalgam of play, research, and art.

Henrike Lode @Machineers website

Henrike is CEO of Lohika, creator of award-winning learning game Machineers, lecturer for serious games, and co-organizer of Nordic Game Jam.

Iris Zhang website

Software developer and soon-to-be Columbia grad interested in games, education and tech

Jo Fu website

I'm the founder and boss at Pillow Fight Games, makers of lovely narrative games like We Know the Devil and Rose of Winter.

Kelly Zhang website

A Junior at WPI majoring in Computer Science and Interactive Media & Game Development. Likes exploring novel ways to interface with games. Enjoys building plastic models of Gundams.

Klew Williams @Klewachu

Interactive art, wearable technology. Formerly Product Manager, Software Designer and internationally competitive bare knuckle fighter.

Marina Gibson website

Nikki Crenshaw @Gaiazelle website

a local witch who does whatever she wants. avid games researcher interested in cultural and design mediations for social experience.

Nirvan West

Nirvan is a senior at Temple U studying Visual Anthro. Research involves ethnographies of digital worlds and the systems that dictate them.

Rachel Sala @rachel_sala website

Los Angeles based artist and designer who has been making games since 2011. She is a great nature enthusiast and lover of animal humor.

Rebecca Poulson @RebeccaPoulson website

Rebecca Poulson is a developer and artist working on VR and gaming projects for journalism at Northwestern University's Knight Lab.

Sebastian Monroy website

As a creative coder and game developer, I'm committed to exploring the connective capabilities of interactive digital media, installations, and video games.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at